Corporate Governance and Ethics

AGL develops its business in a spirit of respect for fundamental human and workers’ rights and respect for the environment wherever it operates. The company is committed to ensuring the working conditions are respected, and all AGL employees value the relationship and demonstrate ethical principals at work. The Company promotes the following values, and each employee is responsible for understanding and adopting them:

INTEGRITY: Act according to the ethical principles, act transparently, ethically, responsibly and reliably.
COMMITMENT: Best effort and dedication to outperform our goals; living, thinking and dreaming of fulfilling what we propose.
ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Protect and respect the environment and people, commit to development, construct, operate and maintain our project in a sustainable manner.
TEAMWORK: Strive to obtain the best results by working together; we continuously seek to inspire, share experiences and knowledge to cause positive change.
SAFETY: Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have higher priority.
The project has established sets of rules and practices to involve and balance the interests of project shareholders.

Commitment to Environment

One of the top priorities of AGL is to avoid or reduce environmental impacts incurred from the project activities.  With the help of experienced local and international professionals, the company spares no effort to follow the mitigation hierarchy (Avoid, Reduce, Remedy, Offset) and stave off even the slightest adverse environmental impacts that may arise from the company’s construction activities.

Before commencing Shuakhevi HPP construction work, Georgian and international specialists carried out detailed studies in line with Georgian Legislation, international standards, and best practices.  Based on the results of these studies, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report was developed to assess possible direct and indirect impacts that the planned activities may have on the health and safety of human beings, local flora and fauna, soil, air, water, and climate. 

Commitment to Social

The Shuakhevi project is the first hydro project in Georgia developed in line with International Financial Institution requirements in the field of land acquisition, involuntary resettlement and stakeholder engagement. The project has been designed in such a way that minimized social impact and avoided physical relocation. AGL developed a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy that sets out commitments and responsibilities as a Developer to ensure long-term socio-economic development of the project affected area.  In order to have direct access to project information and address locals’ complaints in a timely manner, AGL set up public information centers in each municipality.  

During the construction phase, the Company implemented a number of CSR Projects with the aim to:

  • Improve conditions in the project area and ensure that local stakeholders and project affected people share in benefits from the project; 
  • Provide community investments as a mechanism to mitigate negative social impacts associated with the project;
  • Create positive relations between AGL and the communities, and reduce community-related risks for the project.
Commitment to Health & Safety

AGL values the well-being of each person engaged in the Project and recognizes the project has a duty to care of various stakeholders. The Company ensures the protection in terms of health, safety and welfare of all personnel engaged in the project and others, including the general public, who may be affected by the construction and operations. Safety is considered to be the responsibility of all employees.   

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    Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC is a special purpose vehicle set up to develop the hydropower resources on the Adjaristsqali River and its tributaries, in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, in South Western Georgia. AGL is a joint venture between India’s Tata Power and Norway's Clean Energy Invest, and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. IFC has supported the project since its early development, through IFC InfraVentures, which is an early stage project developer launched by IFC.


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