Corporate Governance and Ethics

    AGL develops its business in a spirit of respect for fundamental human and workers’ rights and respect for the environment wherever it operates. The company is committed to ensuring the working conditions are respected, and all AGL employees value the relationship and demonstrate ethical principals at work.

    The Company promotes the following values, and each employee is responsible for understanding and adopting them:

    INTEGRITY: Act according to the ethical principles, act transparently, ethically, responsibly and reliably.

    COMMITMENT: Best effort and dedication to outperform our goals; living, thinking and dreaming of fulfilling what we propose.

    ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Protect and respect the environment and people, commit to development, construct, operate and maintain our project in a sustainable manner.

    TEAMWORK: Strive to obtain the best results by working together; we continuously seek to inspire, share experiences and knowledge to cause positive change.

    SAFETY: Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have higher priority.