Corporate Governance and Ethics

    AGL develops its business in a spirit of respect for fundamental human and workers’ rights and respect for the environment wherever it operates.

    The company is committed to ensuring the working conditions are respected, and all AGL employees value the relationship and demonstrate ethical principles at work.

    AGL mission statement

    Empower Georgia Towards Energy Security and Independence


    INTEGRITY: We adhere to ethical principles, consistently delivering on our promises while upholding transparency, responsibility, and reliability in all our actions.

    SAFETY: Safety stands as our paramount value, above all business objectives. We prioritize the well-being of our employees and stakeholders at all times.

    TEAMWORK: We pursue excellence through collaboration, leveraging diverse experiences and knowledge to achieve optimal results. We foster an environment of inspiration and mutual support for positive change.

    ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We are dedicated to preserving and respecting the environment and communities in which we operate. Our commitment lies in developing, constructing, and maintaining projects sustainably, ensuring a positive impact on people and the environment. 

    AGILITY: We embrace speed, responsiveness, and proactivity, facilitated by a culture of collaboration and empowerment among our employees.

    CARE & RESPECT: We demonstrate care and respect for all stakeholders, including our community and employees, treating them with dignity and fairness.

    EXCELLENCE: We pursue excellence in all aspects of our operations, executing processes and procedures with thoroughness and continuous improvement to deliver quality results consistently.