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     Press Releases
    June 16, 2023

    Student Sports Tournament in Khulo

    On June 14, a student sports tournament took place at the public school in the village of Vernebi in the Khulo municipality, named after the AGL.

    As part of this initiative, employees from Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC actively participated in a school-business forum in Batumi, organized by the USAID Civic Education Program. This forum brought together representatives from the business sector. AGL became a supporter and partner of the project.

    During the planned tournament, the students competed in various sports, such as arm wrestling, soccer, and more. The project also included training sessions in different sports disciplines.

    The project's implementation involved the participation of various organizations, pedagogues, directors, resource centers, and representatives of local communities.

    This event aimed to encourage the younger generation to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.